Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ume Blossoms

Hi Ainsley,

"Ume" is plum in Japanese.  At the end of February the plum trees begin to blossom.  It is a sign that the weather is getting warmer.  The Japanese love to view flowers and so the blossoms bring lots of people to the park. 

This is me holding a plum blossom in my left hand.

At the beginning of April the cherry blossoms come out.  This is the Japanese favorite time of the year.  Cherry blossoms are called "sakura" and cherry blossom viewing is called "hanami".  The Japanese sit under the trees, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful pink flowers.  I will miss this season but my host showed me a picture from last year.  Aren't the flowers breathtaking?

Your friend,

Flat Sarah

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