Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 Year Anniversary


On March 11th, Japan will remember the Great Eastern Earthquake that hit north east Japan 2 years ago.  The earthquake measured a magnitude of 9.0 (that is really huge) and a 40.5 meter Tsunami hit the coast.  Over 15,000 people died because of the tsunami.

Even though this happened 2 years ago, the people of North Eastern Japan are still suffering.  Many people were forced to leave their homes and are never allowed to return.  Can you imagine having to leave your house today and never going back?  What would you miss?

When the tsunami struck, it affected a nuclear power plant in the region.  Now there is a 25km zone around the nuclear plant where no one is allowed to live because the radiation is too high.  These people have been moved to temporary housing that the government made (small shacks).  These people have lost their jobs, their homes, and all their treasures.  Many people have no money to rebuild their lives.

This is a picture of the nuclear waste being cleaned up.

Some of the Japanese live just outside the 25km radiation zone.  Even though the government says it is safe, the people live in constant fear.  The radiation in the air is much higher than before and they do not know the long term affects of this radiation.  The people in this are call themselves the "forgotten people" as they feel that no one is helping them.  My host has a friend reporting in this area and she hears many stories about being afraid.

Here is a picture of temporary housing:

Please remember to pray for these people.  There is so much rebuilding that still needs to happen.

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